Introducing A Process x C27 Collaboration

Introducing A Process x C27 Collaboration

This Editor’s note appears in an upcoming zine produced in collaboration with Process Magazine that centers around the creative processes behind putting together the 10th Anniversary edition of Malaysia’s largest music festival, Good Vibes Festival. The zine features interviews with local musicians, explorations of the evolution of music festivals, and goes behind the scenes to reveal the creative inner workings of these musical communities.

“Little did he know means there’s something he doesn’t know. That means there’s something you don’t know. Did you know that?” - Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

There’s no ‘little did we know’ here. We all know what happened: from local newspapers to Pitchfork and even (ironically) the BBC, it was plastered everywhere. The incident caused a huge ruckus and debate on what we should expect from international artists who perform in countries where cultural norms that are different from what they are used to.

Our music and art communities are the shepherds of safe spaces for expression and they are under threat. These spaces foster a sense of community and draw people who might not otherwise cross paths together. Concerts and festivals become meeting grounds where strangers become friends, through a shared passion for music.

So what’s next?

Let’s continue pushing for change. Music has been a driving force behind cultural and political revolutions throughout history. From the Beatles to Fleetwood Mac; Dolly Parton to Sinead O’Connor and, of course, N.W.A.

Together with the immensely talented folks at C27 and Process Magazine, we initially started this issue with the intention to celebrate music. Now, we believe our current pursuit is much bigger than just putting words on paper.

In my original note prior to the incident, I had written that we looked to create a zine that is a celebration of music and its process; about how the willingness to rebel against norms, and invest sweat, blood, and tears into one's craft is non-negotiable for musicians. I suppose this is still apt and that rings even more true now.

Photo courtesy of Fazil Fuad

I hope this note explains what the founder of a digital agency is doing here, seeing as creating a magazine has little to do with our work - but I truly believe that the success of any creative pursuit is ensuring it reaches as many people as possible, and not just selected audiences.

Here’s to forever being a rebel with a cause.

Fazil Fuad
CEO, C27





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